Whats the difference Of Chip and Radar Induction For Interactive Led Floor Tile September 18,2020.

Chip Induction Principle of Interactive Led Floor Tile :
The chip sensing led tile screen is integrated with an optical sensor. When an object passes through the sensing device, it will block the infrared light emitted by the chip and generate data for the computer. The computer will send back to the LED tile screen to play the pre-made video

Chip Induction Disadvantages for Interactive Led Floor Tile :
Compared with the requirements of chip induction on product process, when the process is not refined enough, the LED interactive video will be insensitive or the screen will often trigger the video and fail. Of course, the cost is relatively high

Schematic Diagram of Radar Interaction System for Interactive Led Floor Tile:
Radar interaction for Interactive Led Floor Tile is to transmit data back through the sound wave radiated by radar. When an object enters the sound wave control area, the radar transmits data to the computer, and the computer gives pre-set video playback at the corresponding object point

Schematic Diagram of Radar Interaction System of Disadvantages for Interactive Led Floor Tile:
the fixed position of the radar cannot be moved slightly, and the radar is prone to coordinate failure after moving. The radar has online requirements for the number of human body. When there are too many objects or the position close to the radar transmitting port is easy to be unobstructed, the interactive coordinate recognition error or failure will occur

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